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Stem Cell Treatment for Osteoarthritis Provides Pain Relief

If you're suffering from moderate to severe osteoarthritis, joint replacement surgery is not your only option. Contact Twin Cities Pain & Regenerative Medicine for information on stem cell treatment for OA.

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain an Effective Form of Treatment

The innovation of stem cell therapy for shoulder pain is lessening the need for invasive shoulder surgery that can lead to months of difficult recovery.

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Pain is an Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery

Doctors perform over 600,000 knee replacements annually in the U.S. Thankfully there are now alternatives to this invasive surgery in the form of stem cell treatment.

Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain Provides Non-Invasive Alternative to Surgery

If you suffer from from degenerative disc disease or spinal facet disease, there are alternatives to painful and invasive back surgery, including innovative stem cell therapy.

Professional Athletes Opting for Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Athletes from a wide range of professional sports are more often opting for regenerative medicine treatments to help heal injuries and get back to the game even faster.

Introducing the Twin Cities Pain & Regenerative Medicine Blog

Here you'll find all the latest information on the growing field of regenerative medicine, including stem cell therapy, from the Twin Cities' top stem cell therapy doctor, Constantin Starchook MD.