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Recent Study Shows Positive Results for Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

Posted at 11:42 AM on Sep 26, 2018


Stem cell therapy has long been considered an experimental treatment for chronic back pain. One of the major reasons for that has been that not much research exists that shows its safety and long-term efficacy.

That’s beginning to change and a most recent long-term study published by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physician is evidence of lasting results for back pain sufferers.

Stem Cell Study Results

The study, which took place in California was conducted by Annu Navani, MD, Mary A. Ambach, MD, Raj Navani, MS, and Jason Wei, DO. Twenty patients who underwent platelet rich plasma and stem cell (BMC) injections were followed for 18 months and were asked to rate their pain on the Verbal Pain Scale (VPS) at the 1, 3, 6, 12 and 18-month marks.

Other assessments of the patients included post-procedure use of medications, health care services, hospitalization, and spine surgery. Of the 20 patients who initially joined the study, 18 continued to report at the 6-month mark and 15 continued through the end of the 18 months.

Of those who remained through the end of the study, more than 50 percent relief on the VPS was reported in 94 percent of patients at 6 months, and in 93 percent of patients at 18 months.

According to the study, no side effects or adverse reactions were reported from the PRP and stem cell injections.

Medication Use After Stem Cell Treatment

Medication use by patients reduced by 89% of patients at 6 months and in 80% of patients at 18 months. None of the patients in the study visited the emergency room during the study, nor were they hospitalized or underwent surgery for the area treated by the injections during that time.

In conclusion, the authors wrote: “This study supports the safety of a single intradiscal biologic injection and provides additional evidence for its efficacy in management of lumbar discogenic pain, with improvements in both pain and function, and decreased utilization of medications and medical services thereby decreasing health care costs.”

To read the full study, click here.

Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain in Minneapolis

Something to note in this study is that the patients were treated with either platelet rich plasma or bone marrow aspirate stem cell concentrate. These procedures use patients own (autologous) stem cells for treatment. Of the many types of stem cell harvesting options available, autologous is considered to be the most effective.

At Twin Cities Pain & Regenerative Medicine, our team of highly qualified stem cell specialists only treat with stem cells taken from the patient seeking treatment. We do not use cord stem cell or Embryonic stem cells that are sold to clinics from outside sources.

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