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Stem Cell Q&A: Does Stem Cell Treatment Require a Hospital Visit?

Posted at 12:49 PM on Aug 30, 2018


Of the many reasons that patients dealing with chronic pain in various areas of the body seek out stem cell treatment is that it offers a real alternative to invasive procedures like back, knee or hip surgery. No one likes visiting the hospital for treatment and the idea of a few nights stay is even more displeasing.

When it comes to stem cell treatment for the back, knee, hip and other joints, one of the most common questions we receive is whether our procedure requires a hospital visit.

The answer to that question is most generally no. There should be no reason for you to visit a hospital to receive stem cell treatment from Twin Cities Pain & Regenerative Medicine. This is not to say that a hospital visit would NEVER be required; however, we choose not to make such absolute claims.

A typical stem cell treatment lasts about 90 minutes. It involves the harvesting of your healthy stem cells, spinning them in a centrifuge to separate out the needed cells and re-injecting those cells into the treatment area. Everything within those 90 minutes takes place right here in our Edina, Minnesota facility by our team of stem cell treatment experts.

Can I drive myself home after stem cell treatment?

Another question we commonly receive related to our stem cell procedure is if a patient can drive themselves home. We understand this is important because it may require our patients asking a family or friend to take time off work to provide travel.

The answer to this question is that even though stem cell treatment is relatively pain and worry free, we recommend that patients have someone else drive them home. Many of our patients report feeling no after effects after the procedure, but every patient is different and may have different immediate responses after treatment.

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