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​Stem Cell Q&A: What Are the Side Effects/Risks of Stem Cell Treatment?

Posted at 2:13 PM on Jun 14, 2018


Most patients realize that suffering side effects are possible with any medical treatment. One person may experience several side effects as a result of a medication, while another person avoids all of these issues despite taking the same medicine.

Side effects have different levels of severity, especially when it comes to stem cell treatment. Most of the procedure’s risks result in short-term side effects such as infection, bleeding, and pain from tissue or nerve inflammation.

Stem cell treatment patients are exposed to a level of relatively low risk of adverse side effects; however, avoiding medicine that stifles the immune system at the time of treatment will greatly increase a patient’s chances of fending off an infection.

Stem Cell Treatment Side Effects

At Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine we understand the risks associated with our stem cell treatments. Patients frequently ask what potential risks or side effects they can expect. Our response is that we sometimes see infections develop from the injection site, but this is a rare occurrence despite it being the most common side effect from these procedures.

Stem cell treatments for back, knee, shoulder or joint pain serve as a perfect alternative to an invasive surgery that would require rehabilitation afterward. Our relatively painless procedure takes only 90 minutes and has far fewer risks and side effects than those associated with a complicated surgery.

About Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine

Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine leads Minneapolis and the Upper Midwest in treating pain through the injection of stem cells. Our Medical Director Dr. Constantin Starchook has 20 years of experience in practicing anesthesiology in the Twin Cities.

If you are looking for a less invasive alternative to surgery, make an appointment at our outpatient facility in Edina, Minnesota to discuss whether stem cell treatment is right for you. Chronic pain in the back, knees, shoulder or hip can cause a lot of undue stress. Contact our office today to rid yourself of this pain.