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​Stem Cell Q&A: What is the Stem Cell Treatment Success Rate?

Posted at 3:16 PM on Jun 14, 2018


As with any procedure, the success of stem cell treatment often depends upon the physical health and medical history of the patient.

Some potential candidates have more severe pain than others and are on medications that could interact negatively with the procedure. An example of this would be a patient taking a medicine that suppresses their immune system. Stem cell injections cause low white blood cell counts and weaken the immune system, so a patient in this position would be prone to higher risks of infection making it more difficult to recover.

In recent years many have questioned the legitimacy of regenerative stem cell therapy and its effectiveness. The FDA recently closed a loophole that allowed unscrupulous stem cell clinics to market unproven therapies. This has increased the legitimacy of other clinics that have proven successful results to the satisfaction of the FDA.

Stem Cell Treatment Success Rate

At Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine we perform numerous stem cell treatments that are a resounding success. Incoming patients often ask what our success rate is with our stem cell treatments. The reality is that the success of our treatments varies on a patient by patient basis.

Candidates with a clean medical history in good physical health will experience the most success with our treatment. Other candidates often experience chronic pain in their joints because of their poor physical health. Despite their other physical issues, we do have patients in this situation that do successfully find relief through our stem cell therapy.

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Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine has served as a leader for Stem Cell Therapy in the Upper Midwest and all of Minneapolis for a number of years. Our Medical Director Dr. Constantin Starchook has been practicing medicine as an Anesthesiologist in the Twin Cities for over two decades.

If you are looking for long-term relief from chronic back, knee, shoulder, and hip pain make an appointment to visit our outpatient location in Edina, Minnesota. We can provide you with patient testimonials and their success stories regarding the stem cell therapies they received at our facility. Contact our office to discuss your options in stem cell treatment.