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Botox Injections

While many people may consider Botox injections to be simply a cosmetic procedure, the treatment can also help reduce symptoms of headaches, backaches, eye muscle problems, other muscle problems and issues with excessive sweating. For patients experiencing pain, Botox injections will paralyze or weaken muscles and then block the nerves causing the pain. Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine offers Minneapolis-Saint Paul Botox treatments for patients who qualify. See if Botox injections can help relieve your symptoms. Schedule an appointment online today.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports Botox injections are shown to be effective in the treatment and prevention of migraine headaches, which afflict about 12 percent of the American population with intense pulsing or throbbing pain.

Botox injections for migraines work by blocking the release of particular chemicals in the brain, including acetylcholine and by blocking the movement of certain nerves and muscles.

Botox injections have been used for treatment of pain issues believed to be caused by muscle spasm, including, tennis elbow, myofascial pain with trigger points, chronic pain following a mastectomy and migraines, tension headaches, chronic daily headache, piriformis syndrome, lower back pain, chronic prostatic pain, and whiplash. In many small studies Botox injections appear to be effective in helping control trigger point pain. Botox also has been shown to be helpful in treating chronic back pain due to muscle spasm without underlying anatomic cause (like a herniated disc) which otherwise is causing the pain.

Botox treatments are normally completed in just a few minutes with no anesthesia required. Botox is injected into specific muscles with a fine needle, causing only minor patient discomfort. Full results from Botox injections normally don’t take affect for a full three to seven days after treatment. It is also recommended to not drink alcohol at least one week before receiving Botox injections. Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications also should be halted two weeks before treatment to help reduce bruising.