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Cost of Stem Cell Treatment

At Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine we take great pride in being upfront and transparent when it comes to the cost of stem cell treatment in Minneapolis.

And as we’ve discussed previously, it’s important for our patients to know stem cell procedures are generally not covered by their insurance plan. This means our patients will end up paying out of pocket for stem cell treatment.

However, having said all that we regularly receive the following question:

How Much is Stem Cell Treatment?

Before discussing real dollars and cents, it’s imperative that we clear up a few other misconceptions around stem cell treatment.

First, it’s important that you seek treatment from a reputable and legitimate stem cell clinic in Minneapolis. Reports of low-cost stem cell clinics operating without qualified physicians are becoming more common.

These clinics exist only to prey upon suffering patients who are desperately seeking relief from their chronic pain. If you are seeking stem cell treatment in Minneapolis, ask to view all of the facility’s medical credentials. If these credentials aren’t immediately and easily produced, you know you’re in the wrong place.

Only trained physicians with experience in treatment of the spine should be completing stem cell procedures.

If you receive initial assurance that you are dealing with a properly credentialed stem cell clinic, there are still some additional questions you will want to ask to ensure you receive proper care. Questions such as:

Where Do You Get the Stem Cells Used in Treatment?

Ask the doctor or medical staff from where they are harvesting the healthy stem cells used in your treatment. If the answer isn’t your own bone marrow, this should be cause for alarm and a sign you’re dealing with an unqualified stem cell clinic.

The FDA has said that only bone marrow stem cells can be used for approved stem cell treatments. There are a lot of studies showing their efficacy and safety. The reasons for this are many and complex, but partially this is because only trained medical professionals are able to properly harvest stem cells from bone marrow with the expertise needed for such a procedure.

Please note that Regenerative Medicine including PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Stem Cell injection therapy is NOT FDA Approved.

What Guidance Method Do You Use to Inject the Stem Cells?

The next question you’ll want to ask is “What kind of guidance system do you use to inject the stem cells?” If the answer is anything other than fluoroscopic or ultrasound, this is another bad sign. Stem cells shouldn’t be administered by using blind injections. Fly-by-night stem cell operations will not have the sophisticated and expensive equipment to properly place stem cells in the treatment areas.

Where Do You Inject Stem Cells for Back Pain?

The third question you’ll need to ask your stem cell doctor if you are seeking treatment for back pain is: do you inject the stem cells in my discs or muscles or ligaments. It’s true that back pain can be caused by any of those problem areas, but the real problem lies in the discs. If they answer they are not injecting the disc it means they are unqualified to carry out such a difficult medical task. 

Stem Cell Treatment Cost

Now, on to our initial question: what is the cost of stem cell treatment?

In general stem cell treatments in the Minneapolis area should cost anywhere from $3,500 to $6,000. While that price may appear high for an out-of-pocket procedure, stem cell treatment is a real alternative to back, knee, hip and shoulder surgery.

The benefits of stem cell treatment over surgery include:

  • Treatment is done outpatient
  • No long and difficult recovery
  • Results seen in as little as a few days
  • Procedure is minimally invasive

Stem Cell Treatment in Minneapolis

If you are considering stem cell treatment for your back pain or any other kind of pain you may be experiencing, Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine is a leader in Minneapolis stem cell procedures. Dr. Starchook is annually recognized as one of Minnesota’s top doctors and has been practicing in the area for 20 years.

Don’t trust your stem cell treatment to a clinic without proper credentials and experience. Schedule an appointment today by completing our contact form on the website or by calling 952-831-7246.

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