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Our Reviews

Our Reviews

At Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine we appreciate the time our patients take to leave us feedback regarding the care they receive from our dedicated medical staff. If you are seeking a doctor to help you conquer your chronic pain, take a few moments to read what our current and past patients have said about us.

“I had a stem cell injection on Tuesday evening and my shoulder feels better everyday. Doctor Starchook was very professional, knowledgeable, and caring as he wanted to make sure I was feeling no pain.” — Paulette

“Dr. Starchook was awesome! He listens and shows no sign of judgement or dismissing of what’s been going on with me. I was impressed with him and would absolutely refer anyone to him! The issue I do have is that I called his office last week and first off, never got a call back when his staff came in (left a message). I called 4 hours later and was told that my message was delivered as soon as they arrived. When I spoke to the staff to discuss my issue, they never got back to me nor has the Dr. I assume it is the staff that has neglected to follow up, not the DR. I am about to call again.” — Anonymous


“I had the bone marrow harvesting stem cell therapy on my foot on 4/13/18 after a severe wound to my heel and another wound in the middle of my foot from chronic neuropathy that I was seeing a vascular podiatrist since June of 2017. i couldn’t put any weight on it as i had a rolling knee scooter and the wound would open again and again. It’s 5/4/18 and since the stem cell procedure it really is amazing that my foot looks like a normal foot again from how much the skin healed in 3 weeks. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Starchook for around 2 years now and he’s a great doctor and has a wonderful staff. I’m really excited I’m already putting some weight on it.— Steve

“Dr Starchook is awesome! After only 3 completely painless back injections, I was pain free. I never would have survived my recent 2 week African safari and the 20 plus hour plane rides without his help.” — Anonymous

“Staff was extremely professional and the doctor was amazing. Helped my back pain out.” — Yven

“Experienced and knowledgeable staff, providing excellent service and in a courteous and professional manner.” — Lilia

“Knowledgeable, caring medical team.” — Jamie

“I have seen Dr. Starchook for 2 years and he has treated my car crash related pain. From the start he included me, my opinions and thoughts into treating my car crash related 24/7 chronic pain. Without his treatments and guidance I would have committed suicide because the 24/7 chronic pain before seeing him was 100% unbearable. THANK YOU Dr. Starchook!” — Anonymous

“You have know idea how much this amazing Doctor has helped me when all other doctors had no empathy, or compassion for what I tried to explain all my issues which are very real. I wish he could be my only Doctor for everything! ” — Debra

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