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Stem Cell Q&A: ​How Long Does Stem Cell Treatment Last?

Posted at 1:53 PM on Aug 30, 2018


Stem cell treatment for knee, back, shoulder, and joint pain can have varying results in terms of how long the pain relief lasts. Several studies using stem cells as a treatment for arthritis have shown lasting results anywhere from six months to several years. It’s difficult to say whether the patients continued to experience pain relief after the duration of the study.

These studies did, however, show a structural reversal of arthritic diseases from the point of injection. Studies have confirmed these findings by showing structural changes on serial MRI’s. From this evidence, it is reasonable to conclude that these positive results from stem cell injections cannot be replicated with any sort of treatment offered in orthopedics.

While we cannot make any promises about how long our stem cell treatments will last, the aforementioned clinical studies show the positive results stem cell treatment can have for arthritis sufferers.

Stem Cell Treatment Duration of Pain Relief

At Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine, we aim to reconcile any concerns you may have regarding our treatments. Patients often ask us how long a single treatment remains effective in reducing their arthritic pain. While we cannot give them a specific answer, we can provide them with materials and studies showing how stem cell injections can reverse the onset of arthritis.

We provide stem cell treatments for back, knee, shoulder, and joint pain to offer an alternative to those wanting to avoid risky surgical procedures. Stem cell injections take 90 minutes and generally do not require any sort of rehabilitation afterward. They are also relatively painless with far fewer side effects than orthopedic surgery.

About Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine

Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine is a leader in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest in stem cell treatment for pain. Our Medical Director, Dr. Constantin Starchook, has been a leading anesthesiologist in Minneapolis for over 20 years and is consistently ranked as one of the top doctors in Minnesota.

If you suffer from back, knee, shoulder, or joint pain, do not resort to orthopedic surgery as your first option. Instead, make an appointment at our outpatient facility in Edina, Minnesota to see how we can relieve your pain through a minimally invasive 90-minute stem cell procedure. Contact our office today to bring an end to your arthritis pain.