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Stem Cell Q&A: How Much Does Stem Cell Treatment Cost?

Posted at 2:55 PM on Jan 28, 2019


One of the biggest stumbling blocks for patients contemplating stem cell treatment for pain is cost. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, stem cell treatment is not covered by most major medical insurance policies and the cost of the procedure is nearly entirely out of the patients’ pocket.

Before we talk about final dollar amount for stem cell treatment, it’s important that we also discuss a few other important issues so that you understand how we arrive at our costs.

Stem Cell Treatment from Reputable Practices

First, it’s essential that you seek treatment from a reputable and legitimate stem cell clinic. As stem cell injections become a more common form of treatment for pain, more low cost clinics will continue to pop-up. These clinics exist only to prey upon suffering patients seeking relief from chronic pain who are tempted and convinced by the low cost.

If you are seeking stem cell treatment in Minneapolis, ask to view all of the facility's medical credentials. If these credentials aren’t immediately produced, chances are you’re in a clinic not qualified to handle the latest and most effective forms of stem cell treatment. Only trained physicians with experience in treatment of the spine should be completing stem cell procedures.

Stem Cell Treatment with Proper Equipment

Next, you’ll want to find out what is the injection guidance method your doctor is using. Stem cells shouldn’t be administered by using blind injections. So, if the answer is anything other than fluoroscopic or ultrasound, this is another bad sign. Unqualified stem cell operations will not have the latest equipment to properly place stem cells in the treatment areas.

Asking for proper qualifications and determining the injection method are two ways patients can protect themselves from getting taken by low-cost stem cell clinics. Those clinics are only able to offer such low costs because they are not fully qualified medically and they don’t invest in the expensive equipment necessary to perform the procedures properly.

Stem cell treatments for back pain, or treatment for knee, shoulder, elbow or any other joint will cost the patient anywhere from $3,500 to $6,000. We understand that this cost is high, especially when paid out of pocket. However, ensuring that we are providing the very best in stem cell treatments is our No. 1 priority. So, we’ll never cut corners when it comes to your care.

Stem Cell Treatment in Minnesota

If you are considering stem cell treatment for your back pain or any other kind of pain you may be experiencing, Twin Cities Pain and Regenerative Medicine is a leader in Minneapolis stem cell procedures. Dr. Starchook is annually recognized as one of Minnesota’s top doctors and has been practicing in the area for 20 years.

Don’t trust your stem cell treatment to a clinic without proper credentials and experience. Schedule an appointment today by completing our contact form on the website or by calling 952-831-7246.